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"It was great to meet you and Enid! Thanks for your kind words. When I purchased in this building and saw what was going on, I had to make serving on the Board a priority. What else could I do. No one else was willing and I felt so bad for the people there. I will be so grateful if we get this loan and all ends well. I feel better already knowing you and Enid are on board.We will need your experience when construction starts. You have the perfect personality to deal with both the contractors and the homeowners. That liaison position is going to be critical. Thanks again. I look forward to working with you and everyone at CAC.

- Judy"


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Trust Our Experience in Managing Your Condominiums.
CAC has successfully been in the Condo Management business (our sole business) for over 40 years. Our company goal is to provide consistent organized and proactive management. Of the approximately 100 HOA's we manage, over half have been with us over 10 years. (read more)
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CAC owes its success in the condominium management field to both its incredibly organized systems and to its personnel. CAC prides itself on keeping employees for the long term. We do this by good training, correct (not overburdened) work loads, a company policy of really caring about the clients, and a congenial attitude around the office. Any client that has been to our office (and we welcome this at any time) knows how well we all work together. We all pride ourselves on our rapid response to calls and requests.

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